Care Instructions

Please remove your Justice Jewelry before swimming, workouts, yoga, bathing, doing household chores, or using abrasive cleaners. So in other words, NO WATER or anything similar near your precious jewels if you can avoid it.

Store each piece separately, especially our Justice Jewelry necklaces. The best way to store your necklaces is to hang them. Justice bracelets should be stored on a jewelry stand and preferably on a velvet Jewelry stand or a satin pouch.  Both pouches and stands can be purchased at a minimal from Michael's, Hobby Lobby and the Container Store.

 Remove all Justice Jewelry before engaging in any indoor/outdoor sports.

Apply products such as perfumes, hairspray, any lotions,or oils before wearing your Justice Jewelry as certain chemicals in these products may damage the finish.

And although your first notion is to take all of your stackable bracelets off at once, we HIGHLY recommend taking them off one by one to avoid any mishaps.